OTA for Embedded Devices


FOTA for Embedded, Android and Linux Devices (Firmware Over The Air update)

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FOTA is essentially a system update process for deployed devices. Today’s technological environment requires that systems remain up-to-date. For example, the Android operating system is continuously developing and new versions come out on monthly basis. If a deployed device cannot perform updates it can quickly become obsolete without application updates and bugs fixed. Furthermore, because a device BSP is usually customized in some way, a device manufacturer must supply updates for the system’s firmware.

Not all devices are deployed in a manner that allows the manufacturer to reach each device and update the firmware manually. Hence, FOTA comes into play by using internet connectivity or just client/server communication. L4B can implement the FOTA system for manufacturers, be it Android, Linux or other systems, this means that a system will always remain up-to-date even long after it leaves the factory.

The FOTA system requires a server side and a device side and our team has experience in implementing both, easing the process for manufacturers. L4B also has experience implementing this type of system on controller based devices that do not run a full operating system.

sFOTA – secure FOTA

Secure FOTA – is a service developed by L4B which implements the FOTA system combined with security features. FOTA, despite serving an obvious need, also poses a risk for a system. If one can pose as a server and inject a firmware update that neutralizes the system security features, they can gain complete system access. Sensitive systems cannot afford this risk.

L4B developed the sFOTA system to handle this threat and added certain security features to make this type of hack almost impossible. The system can be implemented on almost all FOTA supporting systems and hardware layouts.


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