Wearables – The Future in Your Hand

We Help Businesses Lead into The Future

Wearables is a generic name for a wide range of technology solutions. These solutions range from smartwatches that act as an extension of the smartphone, to HIDs (Human Interface Device) combined into everyday items, such as Augmented Reality (AR) glasses. There are many solutions and every day more of them appear in the marketplace.

Our expertise helps you bring products to the market in multiple ways.

L4B assists in integrating end products into the Android/Linux system or other systems as required. We create apps, services or HAL libraries which enable seamless operation with devices. Additionally, we can help with the production of the device itself, such as creating firmware for the device which will enable it to connect to the main units (Smartphones, tablets, etc.).


We pride ourselves on delivering excellent client service, exceptional products, and reliable solutions. You need a custom designed solution, or you have an idea but not quite sure if it can be done? Then contact us today. We help your vision turn into reality.