Machine Vision – Helping Businesses See Into the Future

Machine vision and computer vision are the use of algorithms based on input from a camera or other sensors to extract usable data for the device.

Our experience in the integration and development of Embedded Systems based on Vision and sensor fusion algorithms:

  • Object detection & classification,
  • 3D-reconstruction,
  • Motion estimation & tracking,
  • Image-processing on IPU.

Our challenge – squeezing the model to fit on an Embedded board.

Optimization for designated compute units/hardware accelerators:

  • Vectorization primitives on CPU and co-processors. For example, ARM NEON,
  • General Processing on Graphics Processing Unit (GPGPU) using CUDA and OpenCL,
  • Image Processing Unit (IPU),
  • Video Signal Processor (VSP),
  • Specialized Digital Signal Processor (DSP) and Field-Programmable Gate Array (FPGA).

We support and integrate industry-standard frameworks such as:

  • libLAS,
  • OpenCV,
  • OpenSLAM,
  • ROS.

Our expert application group can assist clients with integrating Computer vision algorithms for any purpose, implementing these algorithms, and assuring optimized performance with hardware.

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