L4B Software – Embedded Software Systems

L4B Software is a global software engineering company that was founded in 2004. We started as an Embedded Linux Kernel Experts porting traditional RTOS systems to Embedded Linux back than in 2004. Along the years more and more of our customers migrated to Embedded Linux platforms as well as to Embedded Android in 2010 (we started with Android Version 2.2) as an Embedded OS platform.Since then we develop, customize, integrate and build embedded software solutions based on various hardware platforms and Operating Systems (OS): Embedded Linux, Embedded Android, QNX and RTOS. Furthermore we support leading OEMs and Tier-1 customers in a wide range of industries like automotive, consumer electronics and industrial automation.

We offer our rich experience and best practices in software architecture, designing, engineering, developing and deployment of embedded software. In addition our services include full software life cycle management. Through our many years of experience with customized embedded software we create perfect-fit solutions, producing high-quality products that fit client specifications.

We bring different attitude to software Engineering.

The flexibility of design, work practices and transparency keeps our customers in-the-loop for the entire development process. To assure the fit of solution and customer satisfaction, we prefer to keep our customers in the process as involved as possible by providing access to deliveries and Software infrastructure during the software Life-Cycle. Our innovative solutions are made not only for traditional industries OEMs but also for start-up customers. Through our creativity, our commitment and motivation our clients get individual out-of-the-box solutions and well managed professional services.

We ensure to provide our software under ISO regulations and in high quality standard, exceptional software products, reliable and safe software. You need a custom, safe and reliable Embedded Software System, or you have some requirements for safe, reliable operating system but not quite sure if it can be done? Then contact us today. We turn your vision into reality.