L4B Linux foundation member

Safe and Secure Embedded Linux OS

A Perfect Balance of Creative Innovation & Reliable Engineering Design for Embedded Linux OS.

Secure and Safe Embedded Linux is one of our core specializations. We support Linux for embedded systems since 2004 continuously, contribute to the Linux source code and thereby help to increase its popularity in the business sector. Our comprehensive experience allows us to deliver optimized Operating Systems that support custom boards and proprietary hardware. The entire development life-cycle is done in-house with transparent project management and customer involvement. We have proven experience in a wide range of industries, including automotive, industrial automation, and custom solutions for consumer electronics.

Board Support Packages

Due to our knowledge and hands-on experience, we create BSP fitting distinct hardware to each project, proprietary hardware support, board bring-up, or specific communication protocols. L4B also creates a custom API for existing hardware as well as develops custom bootloaders (u-boot), kernel enhancements, integrate off-the-shelf drivers, and device drivers for custom boards and custom Embedded Linux. Furthermore, we support various standard file systems and build environments like Buildroot, Yocto, and many more. L4B has earned a reputation for providing high-quality solutions for projects with very complex requirements and unique demands.

Yocto Support

Our solutions support various hardware and software Architectures with Yocto’s recipes, builds, scripts, and customization, which allow our OEM customers to build and provide stable, traceable, and secure Linux, aligning with the community mainline feathers and BSP.

Linux Mainlining

Since Linux is an Open-Source project, we can offer a mainlining service. It allows the ability to create feedback towards your custom solutions to Linux and removes any constraints your product has to a specific Linux distribution. It guarantees full protection of your proprietary intellectual property as a result.

Middleware Development

We specialize in the development of middleware software to wrap low-level functionality for your hardware:

  • Custom APIs – creating a set of commands for your hardware operating under the regular Linux interface.
  • HAL: Hardware Abstraction Layer, creating software solutions for your hardware to connect seamlessly to the normal Linux interface. For instance: a custom Human Interface Device inserted into the Linux code in such a way that the Linux upper-level fully supports the device.
  • Keeping your code conventions and functions transparent to the application layer when migrating to Linux from a different architecture or OS.
  • SDKs and wrappers: we supply a software development kit fully featured and well documented for the future development of software products.
  • Development Tools and IDE integration.

Real-Time Linux

RT Linux is a specific patch under the normal Linux system that transforms an OS into a Real-Time OS. This mode of operation allows control over real-time operation processes.

The RT capability provides process timing management, priority management, and external peripherals timing while maintaining the normal Linux system tasks and services. This feature extends by much the abilities of Linux regarding embedded systems. It’s opening a wide range of options for specialized embedded hardware needs.

We have the knowledge and experience to offer you custom made drivers with extensive API’s custom-built to your requirements. L4B works with the hardware timing constraints while revealing an API for the user space that allows full control to the user and all the other features that the Linux system can offer.

We ensure to provide exceptional and safe software products under ISO regulations and in high-quality standards. Contact us today for more information.