In the fast-evolving world of healthcare technology, real-time processing is not just a feature—it’s a necessity. MediTUX-RT is L4B Software’s strategic solutions : an advanced, real-time operating system (RTOS) meticulously designed for the medical device industry. Drawing on two decades of embedded systems expertise, MediTUX-RT merges the dependability of ThreadX OS (Eclipse ThreadX (formerly named Azure RTOS and ThreadX) ) with tailored enhancements to meet the exacting demands of medical applications.

Optimized for Multicore Architectures (Linux + RTOS)

MediTUX-RT thrives in multicore environments, where it works alongside MediTUX Linux to leverage the full capabilities of both MCUs and CPUs. This dual-OS architecture enables MediTUX-RT to deliver hard real-time functionality on the MCU, while MediTUX Linux provides comprehensive computing power on the CPU. Together, they unlock a new level of efficiency and reliability for your medical devices, ensuring flawless operation and seamless user experiences.

Class Compliance and Certification

Ensuring compliance with Class A, B, and C standards, MediTUX-RT facilitates a faster and smoother path to market for your medical devices. With SOUP compliance for ISO/IEC 62304 (with pre-certified HW) you’ll meet the regulatory requirements set forth by healthcare authorities like the FDA and EMA with ease.

TUX L4B Linux

Core Features

MediTUX-RT comes packed with features designed to maximize medical device performance:

  • Real-Time Performance: Guaranteed deterministic response times for critical applications.
  • Tailored Board Support Packages (BSP): Customized BSPs ensure that MediTUX-RT runs optimally on your specific hardware.
  • Advanced Security Analysis: Rigorous security assessments at every release safeguard your devices from vulnerabilities.
  • Hardware Optimization: Our benchmarking services unlock the full potential of your device’s hardware from the outset.

Subscription advantages (partial feature table)

Feature / ServiceBasicAdvanced
Class complianceAA, B & C
Standard SSP
SOUP Certification
Board-Specific BSP
Security Analysis (at Release)
HW Discovery & Benchmarking
SDK-Configured SDLC Environment
RTOS Porting & Fast on Boarding
Custom Sensor Integration
UI/UX Support
Connectivity SupportWiFI, BT/BLE
Storage SupportOn-chipUSB, SD-Card

Advanced Services for a Competitive Edge

Our subscription service enhances your medical devices with additional benefits:

  • Annual Maintenance Post-Clinical Trial: Continuous support to keep your devices performing optimally.
  • Active Cybersecurity Measures: Stay ahead of cyber threats with state-of-the-art security protocols.
  • FOSS Tracking & Resolution: Manage open-source software compliance confidently and efficiently.
  • QMS Audit Support: Navigate audit processes smoothly with our expert guidance.
  • Priority Resolution of Critical Issues: Fast response and resolution for critical vulnerabilities and defects to ensure uninterrupted operation.

Embracing the Future with MediTUX-RT

MediTUX-RT is more than an RTOS—it’s a partnership that ensures your medical devices are prepared for the future. With MediTUX-RT, you’re not just keeping up with technological advancements—you’re leading the charge.

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