MedicDroid™: Merging AOSP’s Openness with Medical Precision

Harnessing the power and flexibility of AOSP, MedicDroid™ emerges as a groundbreaking solution, bridging the worlds of open-source Android and the demanding needs of healthcare.

Embracing AOSP’s Best, Tailoring for Healthcare

Harnessing the Power of AOSP
The Android Open Source Project (AOSP) offers a rich, customizable platform. MedicDroid™ takes AOSP’s core strengths, refining them with a focus on medical-grade reliability and security.

Why AOSP Matters for Medical OEMs
AOSP provides a solid foundation, a proven ecosystem. MedicDroid™ taps into this potential, offering healthcare OEMs an environment that’s both robust and adaptable. You’re not just leveraging Android – you’re deploying a medical variant backed by decades of expertise.

Why MedicDroid™ is Pivotal for Modern Healthcare Solutions

  • Dedicated Medical Android Architecture
    MedicDroid™ isn’t just another Android variant. It’s a result of meticulous research and modifications catering specifically to medical devices. Whether it’s specialized modules or optimized performance benchmarks, MedicDroid™ has it all.

  • Absolute ISO-Compliance Assurance
    Simplifying compliance, MedicDroid™ is built to ISO62304 standards. But it’s not just about software – our entire ecosystem, guided by ISO13485, ensures that from design to deployment, everything meets the rigorous standards of medical software.

  • Experience that Speaks Volumes
    20 years is not just a number. It represents countless hours of learning, adapting, and perfecting. From bootloaders to the latest Android apps, our journey encompasses the entirety of the Android ecosystem.

  • A Financially Prudent Choice
    In-house maintenance is not just about funds, but also the immense time investment. MedicDroid™ offers a refined solution with ongoing support, saving both time and resources.

  • Cybersecurity At Its Best
    In today’s connected world, the sanctity of patient data is paramount. MedicDroid™ offers a multi-tiered cybersecurity model, guarding against both known and emerging threats.

  • Navigating Open Source With Ease
    Open-source components can be tricky, especially when compliance is critical. Our experts ensure that while you benefit from open-source, you remain fully compliant.

  • Smooth, Seamless Updates
    Say goodbye to cumbersome update routines. With our refined OTA system, updates are smooth, ensuring devices always benefit from the latest features and security patches.

  • Ready for the Future
    MedicDroid™ isn’t static. With inbuilt capabilities for AI/ML integrations, it’s a platform that’s not just for today’s needs but is ready for tomorrow’s innovations.

Deep Dive into MedicDroid™

A Tailored Ecosystem: MedicDroid™ provides a cohesive environment, including a dedicated app store for medical applications, stringent security measures, and a developer-friendly platform.

Built for Robustness: With inherent redundancies and fail-safes, MedicDroid™ ensures that the software is the last thing you’d need to worry about in critical situations.

Support That Stands By You: Beyond the product, what sets MedicDroid™ apart is the unmatched support, ensuring any challenges are addressed promptly.

Seamless Porting and Broad Architectural Support

Universal Compatibility: x86 and ARM
MedicDroid™ isn’t just powerful; it’s versatile. Built to function seamlessly on both x86 and ARM-based architectures, it offers OEMs the flexibility to choose the best hardware for their unique requirements.

Effortless Version Porting
As Android evolves, so do the needs of medical devices. With MedicDroid™, transition between different versions of Android becomes painless. Our team, equipped with comprehensive knowledge of Android’s evolution, ensures a smooth porting experience, keeping your devices updated, compliant, and at the forefront of technology.

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