We Are Building Secure, Safe Android OS

Android for embedded devices is a widely spread OS system. It was first deployed on smartphones, but today it is deployed on a wide range of products ranging from TV, phones, Home-care medical devices and automotive entertainment (infotainment systems) to home automation and Point of sale (POS) applications. We have been building secure Android Systems and devices since 2009 (Android 2.2) , from the first Android release to the latest release from Google (Android AOSP). We push the limits of the most advanced technology and we can provide software that perfectly fits your needs.

Custom Hardware Support

Our team of engineers can produce completely customized systems for your embedded Android devices.

  • Drivers – for specialized hardware, including a full integration to the Android OS
  • Integration – integrating all the elements of your system to produce a stable OS
  • Designated software – our application teams can produce software products that interface your designated hardware

We provide custom Android for embedded devices based on the following processors with ARM/x86 architecture:

Application Development and NDK

    • Component embedding is done in native code C and C++
    • Libraries and headers – we provide a full interface suite
    • Reuse of existing code and AOSP customized development
    • Increased speed performance
    • Stable APIs that cohere to the systems API, ensuring future compatibility
    • Wide range of libraries that can fit the needs of your system, some features supported:
        • Embedded video
        • 2D and 3D graphics layering
        • OpenGL-ES
    • Bitmap and vector front rendering

Device Drivers

Writing full drivers from hardware spec level, including all software development needed for a device. We can seamlessly integrate and develop device drivers for your custom hardware.

Application Development

The L4B application team is very experienced in developing applications under the Android operating system.

  • Launchers – customizing the look and feel of the system, to add value and to integrate the company name and logo in-to the system and giving the entire UI a custom modification to fit the specific requests of the client.
  • Android Apps – we can build custom apps. The sky is the limit. We have extensive knowledge of the system thereby we can create Android applications that are not constricted by the normal limitations that the Android system imposes. Since we have the ability to create our own API’s in the under-lining Operating System, our applications can preform almost any task needed by the client.
  • System processes – developing applications that have no UI. Certain projects require applications that are not accessible by the end-user. These applications run in the background and preform various tasks, such as system monitoring, location monitoring certain restrictions that the manufacturer wishes to impose and so-on.

L4B with it’s extensive knowledge and experience can help the client with defining the application needs, application design, implementation and integration.

We ensure to provide our software under ISO regulations and in high quality standard, exceptional software products, reliable and safe software.

You have some requirements for safe, reliable embedded system but not quite sure if it can be done? Then contact us today. We turn your vision into reality.