Partnering with L4B for Medical Device

Linux is customizable, flexible, and capable of supporting critical and non-critical medical devices, it’s the obvious choice for manufacturers. L4B helps manufacturers oversee and handle the development, security, and maintenance of medical device software to ensure compliance with FDA standards (IEC 62304) and works with any customizations and embedded Linux applications necessary to power a variety of medical devices. 

At L4B, we build secure and SOUP (Software of Unknown Provenance) compliant  Linux operating systems that comply with manufacturer requirements and industry standards. We create a future-proof solution built upon the Linux operating system with customizable features that support an improved user experience.

Embedded Software Solutions for Medical devices – HMI 

Medical devices and Home-care is a generic name for a wide range of technology solutions. These solutions vary from smartwatches that act as an extension of the smartphone to HIDs (Human Interface Devices) combined into everyday items, Our experience with customizing and developing Linux and Android devices for medical devices such as: 

L4B Android

  • Home-Care telemedicine devices and apps (Android).
  • Linux +Qt (SOUP Certified) and Android-based HMI devices for OR (operating room).
  • Android 3D Augmented Reality (AR) glasses.
  • Video processing and DVR devices based on Linux or Android:
    • Video card integration and codec integration
    • Video streaming solutions and VPU/GPU optimization  
    • 3D reconstruction 

Embedded Software Solutions for Medical devices – Custom OS with SOUP

TUX L4B Linux

There are many solutions, and every day more of them appear in the marketplace, and we are here to support them.

Why L4B Software? 

Our expertise helps you bring products to the market in multiple ways , we are partnering with Medical device OEMs to support End-to-End for entire SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle).

L4B develops and consults in integrating end products into the Secure Android and Secure Linux system or any embedded systems as required. We create apps, operating system services, or HAL libraries that enable seamless operation with Linux and Android devices for medical devices. Additionally, we can help with the device’s production, such as creating firmware for the device, remote software updates, and connecting to the central units (Smartphones, tablets, etc.).

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