Industrial Automation

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Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 is a term describing a concept, not an actual technology. The term refers to the fourth industrial revolution and is aimed at increasing the industry’s output in the same way that Henry Ford’s production line increased production.

The concept of combining new computing technologies with existing production lines to create an interconnected web of producers, retailers, and consumers, increasing the output and visibility of the process.

Technologies used in this process include IoT sensors and various connectivity technologies such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and cellular communication.

L4B can help produce IoT devices, and control systems, and connect them to cloud computing, which in the long run might completely change the way industry works and functions.

RT (Real-Time) Linux

RT Linux is a special patch under the normal Linux system that transforms an OS into a Real-Time OS. This mode of operation allows control over real-time operations.


We have the technical know-how to produce master systems that read and parse data for system control. Besides, we have a profound knowledge of creating APIs and GUIs for master systems enabling future development.

We have the ability to create code for modules connected to slaves, which helps a business utilize all the features of its network and offers assistance in system design from the early stages to help shorten time-of-deployment. L4B is part of the EtherCAT Technology Group (click here for more information).


The term CAN is an automated network that connects the different computerized elements of a vehicle. Particular hardware solutions can listen in lines and supply valuable data both to the driver and for a company’s fleet management purposes. With a few safety restrictions, solutions can actively transmit on the CAN network, enabling control over various elements of the vehicle ignition, windows, radio, and other components.
We have worked with these types of systems and can easily incorporate these abilities into a client solution. Our experience can help clients to define their needs and the feasibility of the desired solution.

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