Custom Android OS for OEM

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Android Device Manufacturers

L4B-Software offers several services for manufacturers. With our experience in producing custom ROMs for cellular devices, our BSP team can customize the Android kernel to fit all of a client’s needs from hardware components.

What is a Custom ROM?

  • A custom ROM is a full Android system package including all software levels. L4B can produce custom ROMs fitting specific requirements of a client.
  • Customized look and feel of the Android system (rewriting of the Android launcher)
  • Individuell memory management and system speed-up
  • Customized SDKs – we can supply a well-documented SDK with a custom ROM to allow the general public or your in-house developers to create applications designed for your hardware.

 What are the Benefits of Producing a Custom ROM?

  • Support – each manufacturer uses a different set of hardware components to create a device. Most but not all components are supported by standard AOSP distribution. Even if they are, the manufacturer might want the hardware to operate differently or provide extra features that are not supported in the AOSP code.
  • L4B can produce a package that fully supports the requested hardware with all features enabled according to client specification
  • SDK – in the Open-Source Android and Linux environment, a manufacturer that produces SDKs for operating hardware has an added advantage. The Open-Source community can produce content for the device, which in turn raises the use of the device.
  • L4B can produce closed but documented APIs fitting the requirements of a client. This also works in the other direction, i.e. certain APIs can be disabled.
  • Performance – producing a custom-ROM opens up a wide range of possibilities regarding optimization such as memory management, power consumption, and other aspects of a system that can produce a better product.
  • Appearance – a custom ROM opens the possibility designing a unique launcher for a device, giving a product a unique feel and look. The custom ROM solution opens an endless range of modifications and changes for the Android system and L4B can tailor the ROM to be exactly what your company needs and wants.

SE Android

Security Enhanced Android is a project that enables security enhancements for the Android system. First and foremost the project aims to integrate the existing SE Linux system into the Android system. SE Android allows a manufacturer to restrict the damage that can be done by flawed or malicious apps. It can restrict access of the apps running on the device to certain aspects of the system that are deemed sensitive.

There are many other security features that can be implemented as well. In the embedded world specifically there is an emerging need for security from the software level down to the hardware level. L4B helps in defining the security needs and implements the systems to handle identified threats.

We pride ourselves on delivering excellent client service, exceptional products, and reliable solutions. You need a custom designed solution, or you have an idea but not quite sure if it can be done? Then contact us! We help your vision turn into reality.