Custom and Secure Android OS for OEM Android Open-Source Project (AOSP)

L4B Software has over 10 years of extensive experience in building custom-made and secure Android applications and operating systems since the release of Android 2.2.

Consumer electronics OEMs continually leverage our software engineering expertise to build stable and secure Android OS builds using Android Open-Source Project (AOSP) for Consumer Electronics, Automotive, and Medical Devices.

Our OS experts can customize and build your Android OS to fit your product and hardware components according to your specifications.

What is a Custom Android?

A custom Android OS is a full Android system package with all customized software integrated with the operating system. L4B develops and customizes the Android layers based on your product requirements.

L4B Software provides:

  • A customized look and feel of the Android system (a rewriting of the Android launcher).
  • Individual memory management and increased system performance.
  • Customized SDKs – we supply a well-documented SDK with a custom Android OS to allow the public or your in-house developers to create applications designed for your customized Android package.

What are the Benefits of Building a Custom Operating System?

For OEMs, working with a customer operating system has several advantages. They include:

  • Support – each manufacturer uses a different set of hardware components to create a device. The prevailing number of components is supported by standard AOSP distribution. Even when this is the case, the manufacturer might want the hardware to operate differently or provide extra features missing support in the standard AOSP code. L4B produces software packages that fully support the underlying hardware and contain every feature built into the OS according to client specifications.
  • SDK/NDK – in an open-source Android and Linux environment, a manufacturer that produces SDKs for operating hardware has an added advantage. The open-source community can create content for the device, which in turn raises user interest in the device. L4B produces closed, secure OS APIs customized to your system requirements. APIs and functionality can also be disabled based on client requests.
  • Performance – building Android as a custom operating system opens a wide range of possibilities for optimization, such as memory management, power consumption, and other aspects of a system that produces a better product.
  • Appearance – a custom operating system opens the possibility of designing a unique launcher for a device, giving a product a unique look and feel. The custom OS solution opens an endless range of modifications and changes for the Android system, and L4B can offer tailor-made solutions that meet various demands based on your requirements.

Securing & Hardening the Android OS

Security-enhanced Android (SE Android) is a project that enables security enhancements for the Android system. First and foremost, the project aims to integrate the existing SELinux (security-enhanced Linux) system into the Android OS. SE Android allows a manufacturer to restrict the damage that can be done by flawed or malicious apps. It can limit access to apps running on the device to certain aspects of the system considered sensitive.

Many other security features can be implemented as well. In the embedded industry specifically, there is an emerging need for security from the software level down to the hardware level. L4B helps in defining the security requirements and implements systems to handle identified threats.

We ensure exceptional and safe software products under ISO (International Organization for Standardization) regulations and in high-quality standards. 

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